jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012


All the animals started organizing their fights as a sport, but they enjoyed them very much. The wild bear turned to be the strongest among the animals. These fights were similar to current martial arts, and nobody was seriously hurt.
On day, Kintaro wrestled the brave bear and Kintaro won. He proved to be extremely strong, but extremely loyal and truthful at the same time. All animals loved and respected him.
The daughter of an Emperor was found in the forest by one of the animals, who immediately called Kintaro due to the animals ´ impossibility to talk to humans. Kintaro got in love with the beautiful girl and at  the same time he realized that soon, she would go back to her place.
It was very late that night, and the girl decided to spend the night  there with the animals and Kintaro. By the first second the sun appeared behind the hills and the beautiful girl opened her eyes, Kintaro had already built a wooden boat for the girl to return to her mother land. However, she refused to go and stayed with Kintaro and the animals for the rest of their lives.
As days passed, the girl also involved herself in the fights. She was the only living being who was able to defeat Kintaro. This was enough for Kintaro to get in love with her, and they lived together every after: Kintaro, the Emperor´s daughter and the animals.

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