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This is a clear example of the so-called name calling ads (attack ads). Thanks God, such ads. are not allowed in our country. What are they? Ads like this, usually diminish competitors image explicitly. The picture above shows a commercial about the current American President Obama. In this picture, nothing is mentioned about the new proposals by the opposition candidate, the idea is just to blame a president for the anount of hispanic poverty in America. Being it true or not, it think is is not a fair message to give. Anyway, what is the real aim of this ad?

More name-calling ads....

As the economy gets more competitive, marketers are getting nasty, too.

From soup companies to pizza chains, marketers are stepping up their so-called attack ads, calling out rivals by name, comparing products and poking fun at competitors.

 I do like advertising from time to time. I think advertising gives away a lot about how companies operate and what their internal values are.When looking up some ads in Google I came across an ad for Citrix, look at this picture:

The ad is somewhat funny actually. Citrix says that their solution with HDX is faster than VMware View. 

This looks a lot like some sales training programme where they teach you to sell your product like: “Our product is the best because the competitors product is worse.” Why do companies feel the need to point out that they are better than their direct competitor?

If you know your product is good, why don’t you just use the strong points to make an ad. Just stop throwing mud at your competitor and make a real commercial or ad?

Advertisers are increasingly taking each other on head to head, comparing their products and poking fun. Here you have some examples: 

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