sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Monster.com BIG LEGS

Would you apply for this job? Believe it or not, this commercial was produced here in our country, and I was part of the production service company. The location is a wonderful place called CAMPANOPOLIS in the Province of Buenos Aires. The main production company is MOXY PICTURES (Los Angeles). As you will hear, no official or existing language was necessary for the message to be understood...Can you recognise any word?...

Monster.com is a worldwide company of job advisory services. According to the ad, they have the right position for the right candidate. Its main office is located in the United States, but as it is an on-line company, its canditates belong to the whole world. The product advertised is a service, so there is no product present there, just the service´s concept. This ad was produced in Buenos Aires and its clear message is that there is always a job position for every kind of person.

I think that this kind of companies are very useful today, and most of the junior professionals start working after applying for a specific position in advisory services on-line. 

I can associate the protagonist of  the commercial, a giant, with the size of the company, so, association is a technique used in this case to identify the hidden persuaders.
I really love the setting of the ad, and the lack of any official language used in it. If you watch it, it is impossible to relate it to any specific place, country, and  you do not recognize a specific language when the giant talks… words are only a mixture of sounds, in a somewhere land… However, the effect is extraordinary, and there is not much information provided by the commercial, only the fact that this company may find the right job position for you, with no sex or age distinction.
I would not change the advertisement at all. I love it and I believe that it clearly reflects the service Monster.com offers.

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