viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Entry # 3 I am a Writer (Revised Version)


I am a writer, but it is better if I do not think about it.
I sometimes wonder if I really enjoy writing without feeling vulnerable. I have been faced to writing tasks for a long period and I still fight with both, my left hand and mind, every time I am gently requested to surpass a writing assignment. Is it self-esteem? Is it lack of confidence? What is the deep reason for my feeling this way? Do I really want to become a competitive writer?
As far as I remember, I started writing when I was four. At that time, I was able to produce only colorful labeled drawings, and I enjoyed this limited writing a lot. Once I started primary school, I was able to dive into words and to make such isolated words sound both authoritative and symphonic. On the other hand, I only remember boredom and stagnation from my secondary school. My learning process was compulsory focused on repetition, the Bible, and repetition again… pure frustrating stagnation.
As years proceeded, I commenced recovering the pleasure for words, both written and spoken, as I could admire them in a piece form the Bosco, or enjoy their magnificent sound in a meaningful song.
As a matter of fact, the key is not thinking in writing as a task. I strongly believe that writing outcomes are better if they are the result of creativity and pleasure. The true thing is that we can all be writers, we are all writers, but it is much better is we are not conscious of it. If we feel delighted by the art of writing, we will surely increase our self-confidence and we will be able to express exactly what we desire. Mind and hand should encounter somewhere inside us, and eventually, our writings will become enjoyable ones.

After reading the bunch of copies on Academic Writing, it turned to be much easier for me to make some changes.
Initially, I revised the use of the first person singular and realized that I had to leave it that way. I tried to make it sound less personal but I could not (the assignment was based on my particular experience).
After that, I focused on adverbs and linking words. I did not change many of them, but the use of the items provided in the set of copies made my writing read better.
Finally I removed phrasal verbs and those words of Anglo Saxon origin, writing those of Latin or French origin in their place.
I really enjoyed the challenge!

Please, feel free to click the following link to enter our Google Doc on Academic Writing 

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